... and Now I Know
  • by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release: Old Time Small Town Revival (2001)
  • Things keep moving forward
    and somehow I forgot about
    that thing called growing up

    some friends of my sisters came up to me
    and said “your too old to do this”
    and only when I’m tired I think they’re right.

    they say you should be embarrassed
    by all the things you did in your 20s
    but after that all those things should stop

    I think I would rather die young
    doing something I want, so something  having fun
    instead of growing old wondering why

    I don’t want to work 9 to 5
    coming home to kids who think I’m a superstar
    I don’t want a low mortgage
    I don’t want an economy car
    I guess I just don’t want what they want

    I met up with an old friend of mine
    he said he “I’m doing fine,
    with a low mortgage and a couple of kids”

    but when he looked at me
    he broke down and started to cry
    when he realized I was not living like him

    so we went out for a drink or two
    you know, just to get re-acquainted
    we started talking about old times

    that’s when I realized that the
    best goddamn time of his life
    would correspond with the worst time of mine