Behind Me
  • by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release:
  • Times we’ve had have come and gone
    Look around those times are gone
    I never thought once about the future

    No time left to look back now
    No time left for regrets
    I never gave a fuck about tomorrow

    Oh Oh I always wanted to go
    Away from those things behind me
    Oh Oh I strive to get away
    From my past that haunts me

    Just sit back and have a beer
    We can go anywhere from here
    That’s what keeps things moving forward

    Cigarettes and Alcohol
    Have always been my brick wall
    and I know someday I’ll come crashing


    When I go back to my home town
    I take a moment and look around
    at all the people I once knew

    Ann is dead and Keith is near
    They always planned ahead
    If only they had knew