Good For The Economy
  • by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release:
  • They say it’s good for the economy
    Toiling away 12 hours a day
    End up working half my life away
    While death comes ripping after me

    Up in the morning and off to work
    Work all day as a number for a jerk
    I have to wonder if this is the best it can be

    Home late once again
    Not enough time for the important things
    I have to consider if this is how it should be


    Weekend comes, got to work again
    seven days a week its always the same
    up just in time to leave, home just in time for bed

    Is is not how I imagined my life
    I think my younger self would kick my ass
    When he found me wasting away for a wage


    Monday morning its all the same
    Saturday, Sunday nothing changes
    They say no pain no gain
    but it seems a lot more like no gain for pain

    Maybe its time to take control
    Start living my life for me
    Take a hint from David, Johnny, and Jello
    But something tells me I’ll be back again