• by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release: Never released. Only played live once. Song retired.
  • On top of the grassy knoll he stands watching traffic move
    No one pays attention to him, no one notices
    Standing alone on top of the hill thinking what he used to be
    He Had a good job, 2 kids, a wife, everything he should need

    Turned his back on society, he was sick of it
    He could take no more of dealing with this shit
    They once laughed, but they would laugh at him no more…..

    Walking in the office through the cube farm, they all turned on him
    laughed behind his back when he walked by, he knew it
    Going home every night to a home where everyone hated him
    “Get you fucking lazy ass off the couch”, screamed and screamed again

    One day he had had enough, he could take no more
    Got his father’s gun out of the closet and he cleaned it
    Walked to the front door of the house, he did not know what he would do….

    He walked in through the front door and he shot his wife
    Then he turned the gun on his kids and he fired
    He was so sick of their shit, he was sick of life
    He had watched it all fade away, so he retired

    Then he took his rage to the office and he shot his boss
    and all those people who had laughed at him, they stopped laughing
    He got into his car and drove and drove until it stopped….

    That brings our story full circle, back to the beginning
    but I guess that all depends on how you want to look at it
    Now he is standing and thinking how his life turned to shit
    Someone in a car finally waves, but he’s not waving

    He strokes the barrel of the gun, he smells the powder
    on his hands and on his clothes, soon they’ll find him
    So he takes the gun and puts it right into his mouth.