Smoking and Drinking Man
  • by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release: Old Time Small Time Revival (2001)
  • Go out on a Saturday night
    Just to hang around and have some fun
    Head down to the local bar
    Hoping to run into a few of my buddies

    People see me and say what do you do
    But when they see me they decided
    That I must be snorting, shooting, and taking
    All of their want-to-be vices

    I’m just a smoking and drinking man
    He’s just a smoking and drinking man
    I like to smoke and drink whenever I can
    smokes and drinks whenever he can
    Because, I’m a smoking and drinking man
    He’s a smoking and drinking man
    And that must mean there is nothing nothing nothing nothing more

    I tried your stereotype in 92
    But I thought it was ignorant
    Then I went SXE in 93
    But I got bored so I went back

    To having a drinking a Saturday night
    To smoking a cigarette at the bar with my friends
    And that means that I am just like you
    I do the same things that you and your friends do