Sweet Addiction
  • by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release:
  • The first time I saw you
    I knew right then I’d never want away
    You Wiped the pain away
    Complete and utterly

    I still Remember how you made me feel
    The first time that I felt you
    Fear almost over took me
    Then it washed away

    When I hold you to my arm
    I cannot let go
    You control my life
    My sweet addition

    Some people say you changed me
    But who cares about them
    You’re all I need
    To keep my demons at bay

    I thought I might regret
    but I had to try
    Now you’re everything
    in complete control


    Now the only fear for me
    Is life away from you
    Some people don’t understand
    but that’s their problem

    Things might never be the same
    but no regrets for you
    I always keep you with me
    My sweet addiction