What Are You Going To Do?
  • by: Children of Reagan
  • lyrics: Brian Reagan
  • Original Release:
  • Out one night stoped by some pigs
    just walking around, I haven’t done a thing
    Question me about what I’m doing out
    I didn’t know it was a crime to walk about

    Driving home after a show
    Stopped by a road block that says “Just say no”
    Stop everybody on a random street
    Blow in this to see if you’re still free

    What are you are going to do?
    What are you going to say?
    What will you do when it’s you?

    Kids come out after Skinny Puppy play
    Police don’t like it so they start to mace
    Suddenly a crime to be standing on the street
    If you’re not wearing the uniform of the perfect teen

    Right wing fat cats shoving down our throats
    Christian right beliefs about morality
    No right to choose, no right to speak
    No right to express when you don’t agree


    Hide all your art now put it away
    If people don’t like it you’re going to pay
    Stop paying attention just watch your TV
    Just blindly follow the majority

    Shut your fucking mouth, close your fucking mind
    Your only right now is the right to be silent
    Don’t rock the boat, don’t speak out
    Watch your civil rights be cut down


    Military slowly replaces the polices
    as we lose our rights to free speach
    Everything soon will be a terrorist plot
    put your ass in a secret prison and lock you up